AMP8000 distributed Servo Drive system

The new AMP8000 distributed Servo Drive system from Beckhoff breaks new ground for modular machine concepts. The space-saving AMP8000 integrates a servo drive directly into a servomotor in an ultra-compact design. By relocating the power electronics directly into the machine, the control cabinet only needs to house a single coupling module to supply power to multiple servo drives with a single cable via a distribution module. The result: significant savings in terms of cost, space, materials and installation effort.



AMP80xx: The distributed Servo Drive can be installed in place of a standard AM8000 or AM8500 series servomotor without having to modify the machine design.

Coupling modules for AX8000

Coupling modules for AX8000: provide a connection for the DC Link intermediate circuit, 24 V DC power supply and EtherCAT communication.

Power supply module

Power supply module: ensures via integrated safe 24 V power supply unit that the logic power supply does not exceed the permissible level.

Distribution module

Distribution module: via the AMP8805, the AMP8000 system can be cascaded using just one short cable in such a way that even complex machines and lines can be implemented in simple topologies.

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